The need for training and strategy in simple/organic churches…

by admin on 13/07/2011

For many here in the UK, simple/organic Church is very much about developing relationships, hanging out, drawing away from the complexities of institutional church and allowing Father God to re-build our lives around a simpler and more missional way of life together. Is this what God wants? Is He seeking lots of informal supper clubs who do what they want, when they want? Or is there a next step to the journey…..?

Whilst we have all seen strategy, training and leadership done in a controlling and non-releasing way – the challenge here in the UK is to move forward and begin to re-look at what strategy, training and leadership might look like amongst the simple/organic church networks that are springing up so that we reach God’s vision for the UK. Jesus has not said to us, “Go and start simple churches which meet informally”. He has said “Go and make disciples of all nations”

Stan Rowland in his book “Multiplying truth and light” says this:

“”Evangelism and discipleship must be: Thought about, talked about, planned for, modelled, practiced, expected and inspected”

Jesus believed firmly in the organic power of the Gospel to transform individuals, form servant leaders, grow and multiply churches and ultimately transform nations. Yet he worked to a strategy.

Jesus gives an insight of this to His disciples in Matthew 13 (The Parable of the sower)

In your life how are you sowing the seed of the Gospel and making disciples? How are you sharing the good news of the Gospel with people? What do you do with them if they seem interested? How do you disciple them? What do you do when you get together with other disciples? How is what we are doing now going to have a regional impact? These are the questions which are relevant to disciple-makers in the UK now.

Evangelism and Discipleship have never ‘just happened’.

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