Mission Farming

by Peter Farmer on 05/02/2009


God has continued to speak to me about mission principles through farming (my name is Farmer afterall!)

Here is the Mission Farming process for mission fields:

1. Plough (Prophetic)


Stones need to be removed, the hardground needs to be broken up, the giants that stand in the way need to be bound! Ploughing the land is done through prayer, fasting, intercession, spiritual warfare and prophetic ministry.Â

2. Plant/Sow (Apostolic)


Pioneers then plant seed in fields that have never been planted before. This process is often hidden. The pioneer will spot fields that have never been seen before and will labour often in obscurity. The plant will often seem to die as it is buried in the earth. ‘Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it will remain single, but after death, will multiply’Â

3. Water (Teaching)


Teachers and others then come and build on what has been planted. Teaching is pictured in the Bible as ‘The watering of the word’ as Paul says ‘one plants, another waters, but God gives the increase’

4. Reap (Evangelistic)


When the time comes it’s not for comfort, ease or sitting around. It’s time to go out and get the harvest! Reaping or Harvesting is done when the harvest is ripe! The soil of peoples heart has been softened (ploughed), the seed has been sown on good soil, there’s been a process of watering (more understanding) then the people are ready to accept the message

5. Gather (Pastoral)


After reaping the harvest has to be gathered, to keep it from spoiling or going off! Pastoral people are able to gather or keep those who have been reaped through the evangelistic period. They care for, nurture, feed and heal. They help to create a family atmosphere that welcomes the newborn and a community environment of relationships.


It’s important not to keep all the harvest for oneself but to redistribute the abundance to those that do not have and also to save some as seed to plant in other fields not yet cultivated or sown

Apostolic Teams (A-Teams)

So from this we see the importance of apostolic or ‘sent’ teams. It is He (Jesus) who gives some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists and some pastors and teachers to prepare…’

To see fields become fruitful we need to work as teams, passing the baton and recognising that we are all needed to get the job done!

The glory goes to no individual alone!

Times and Seasons

We also see the need to understand the season of harvest. There’s no point in trying to reap from a field if there’s been no sowing!

There’s no point in just ploughing up a field constantly (creating a lot of mud) but never sowing!

What season is your mission field in?

What kind of team members are needed/approach is needed at this phase of the process?

Are you willing to hear the Spirit and send out those who have been reaped and gathered into your barn to other fields?

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Bongani Hlophe September 1, 2009 at 10:21 am

Im a young person ineterest in farming please send me information as to how can i actively participate in the farming world


Peter Farmer September 4, 2009 at 9:46 am

I don’t know if this is the kind of farming you may be looking for! This farming involves cultivating the soil of peoples hearts…


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