How do we relate to other Simple Churches in our area?

by admin on 19/04/2011


In Ephesians 4 Paul describes the Church of Jesus Christ as a living body. This body is ‘joined’ and ‘knit’ together by what all the different joints supply.

We see from the scriptures that God’s heart is to see His Kingdom coming here on Earth. As His Church we have been commissioned to bring that Kingdom through proclaiming the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth and through mutually discipling each other in a way that will cause our numbers and efforts to multiply.

Simple Church is not so much about a name or a denomination but rather a way of doing things. Around the world simple Churches are creating mutual partnerships with other Churches no matter what their shape or size! What is important is the DNA and foundation upon which groups and Churches are building on.

For the body of Christ to mature and function as God desires then we need to work together with other brothers and sisters. Maybe there are ways in which other simple Churches could really provide something which your group is lacking or vice versa? Maybe all the groups might be encouraged through regular or iiregular joint celebrations? Maybe you could gather groups and leaders together for some training or encouragement?

The important thing is to pursue relationships with the body of Christ as a whole and to look for opportunities to partner effectively for God’s Kingdom.

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