Growing a Jesus Centred Group

by on 14/10/2010

What Can We Do to Put Jesus at the Centre?

*It starts with an inner relationship with Jesus that flows outward into the Body.
*Participation is essential
*The principles in 1 Cor 14 reveal that “encouragement” is the fruit of this participatory expression.
*Embrace those who are different and who disagree with us. (No “Party Line”)
*Have the courage to believe that Jesus really IS already at the center and acting out of that reality is key.
*Real fellowship (see 1 John) – “Walk in the Light as He is in the Light…”
*Going first, being transparent and real and authentic is crucial.
*Let Jesus lead the meeting.
*Be Church.
*Church is not a performance.
*Christ in us = Christ in the meeting.
*The quality of my intimacy with Christ influences what I bring to the Body and the Assembly.
*Embrace simplicity. Following Jesus isn’t a riddle to be unraveled but a life to be lived one day at a time.
*Explore what it means to have “Christ in me, the Hope of Glory” by asking Jesus daily to show you.
*Listen more than you speak.
*Allow everyone the opportunity to share their portion of Christ with everyone else.
*Be ok with waiting for God to lead. Uncomfortable silence is ok.
*Embrace spontaneous moves and break your liturgy easily and joyfully.
*Discover Jesus in one another.
*Encourage the hunger to experience loving God, loving others, and being loved by God and others.

What Does It Look Like When Jesus is At the Centre?

*Let the church be what God is forming not what meets your expectations.

*Take off your mask.

*Kill the hymnbook, songsheet, liturgy and remove any other crutches where your comfort reigns.

*Uncomfortable silences are great!

*1 Cor 14:26 – “Not one of you comes not ready to bring something to share…”

*Seeing Jesus in everything daily, not just in the meeting.

*Confess your weakness and sins and failures to others often. They’re not surprised and it makes it easier for them to be real too.

*The Church should be a safe place to be real and human with everyone else.

*How do we prepare? More quality and quantity time with Jesus during the week.

*Find ways to break your unspoken liturgy with joy. “Behold, I make all things new…”

*Find creative ways to involve children of all ages in every part of the meeting.

*Pray together and ask Jesus to lead you in everything. Then make sure to actually let Him!

*Have the courage to trust Jesus as your leader in the meeting, and in your daily life.

*People shouldn’t be allowed to act religious. Instead everyone should be honest, human and humble.

*Recognize that people want so badly to belong that they will assimilate to almost any group to be accepted. Therefore, accept everyone on the basis of their place in the Family of God, not on their allegiance to the party line or the culture of the group.

*Have courage not to create hoops in order to belong.

*Let go of expectations – no model.

*Drop your religious mask.

*Disagree in love, respectfully.

*Share food.

*Mentor the young people.

*Focus on following Jesus, not tradition.

*Church never “begins”.

*Let love be the guide.

*Love, acceptance and forgiveness are freely practiced.

Taken from Keith Giles’ notes

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