Every Christian’s a Missionary?

by Peter Farmer on 13/05/2008

I read about a church-planting movement that coined the phrase:

‘Every christian’s a missionary, every house a church and every church-building a mission training centre.’


I suppose that all christians are ‘in the world but not of it.’ Jesus talks about us in one of His parables as being ‘planted in the field which represents the world.’

Every student of Jesus has unique opportunities and ‘mission fields;’

  • Where we live (1st Places)
  • Where we work (2nd Places)
  • Where we play (3rd Places)

On buses in the city where I live [Nottingham, England] there is a caption from an advert that reads ‘A Time to Gather.’

Could it be that the time is ripe for every disciple of Jesus to make disciples, gather people + form churches that meet in our homes, workplaces, parks, schools, uni’s, colleges, community centres, cafes, pubs and so on?

What are we waiting for?

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