Why Simple Church?

by admin on 15/02/2011

The question we often get asked is why do we need Simple Church?

Haven’t we already seen enough names, models and denominations within the “Christian World”? The last thing we need is another denomination or group….We agree.


Across the UK God is speaking to His people

  • Existing denominations like Anglicans, Baptists and Methodists are re-looking at their roots and going back to the origins of their movements.
  • Church fellowships and groups are sensing God asking them to ‘transition’ into simpler and more ‘organic’ ways of doing things that will empower the saints for ministry and see communities engaged and transformed by the Gospel
  • Pioneers are asking the question, “What would Church look like amongst that community or people group and how can it spread into other groups?”
  • Many believers are questioning the status quo with a sense that we need to “go back” to the simple DNA of the Church that we see in Scripture

People across the UK are looking at the same thing through different angles and approaches. What is clear though is that The Spirit of God is drawing people to ask the question “What does it look like to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the UK?” This site has been set up to resource and facilitate Churches and groups who are asking themselves that question. To disciple a nation involves depth and breadth. How we do things must produce both a depth in discipleship and also a breadth in influence.

A New Denomination?

This website – and the growing network of people and Churches that are being encouraged and resourced through it – have been set up in response to what God is doing in the UK. There is no need for a new denomination or a new magical formula for Church growth. Simple Church is NOT a denomination. It is a network of people who are asking the same questions. It is a place to learn and share tools and principles that are being discovered – or in many cases re-covered! Our hope is that this Simple Church network in the UK will act like a melting pot for people exploring new ways of being Christ centered community together.

Rather than set up another denomination we seek to serve and resource what God is doing and help ordinary people do the extra ordinary work of making Disciples of Jesus Christ here in the UK.

Why Simple Church?

Jesus told His followers to go and  make disciples of all nations/peoples. The Church Jesus envisaged would have to be flexible enough to penetrate any culture or people group and simple enough that it could multiply in the hands of normal untrained believers. Simple Church is about lowering the bar of how we do Church and raising the bar of what it means to be a Disciple. Lowering the bar of Church so that anyone, anywhere can do it. Raising the bar of discipleship so that people become mature, obedient followers of Jesus.

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Pastor Bruce Ball April 6, 2012 at 3:32 pm

I am a retired pastor living in Arizona in the USA. My wife and I feel called to move to Ireland and preach the Gospel. The problems seems to be that unless you are in, or sponsored by, an existing denomination – there is just no way to do this!

We have pastored several churches and planted two churches. Our premise is simply to gather believers and potential believers around and teach what is in the Bible … without the denominational “traditions” and trappings. Our motto has always been, “NOT HOW, BUT WHY”, meaning there is only one reason to preach the Gospel, and that is not to build a church organisation, but to build the body of Christ. To let people know it is not the church that gets us to heaven, but a deeply personal relationship with Jesus that gets us there.

My resume can be seen at … http://www.bruceballministries.com/resume.html

If you know any place that we may be able to “fit” in Ireland, please notify me at … pastor.bruceball@yahoo.com

Thank you so very much!
Pastor Bruce Ball


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