What about worship through singing and music?

by admin on 26/04/2011


A common question that gets asked about Simple/Organic/House Church life is about the role of worship through singing and music. This is normally because a simple Church scenario is so different from the prevailing Church scenario that we are used to here in the West. We are used to Church services which offer us extended times of worship through contemporary music. While we are not criticizing this in any way – we are encouraging healthy discussion about what we should do when we come together as disciples?

Many of us are searching for effective ways to disciple people. There are many elements which are commonplace in Church Life which are not specifically addressed in scripture. Worship through music and singing is such an issue. Whilst the Bible clearly encourages us to Praise God with instruments, with singing and spiritual songs. It also clearly encourages the idea that when we come together as churches everyone brings something to share. Some would say that sharing a meal, talking about deep issues and praying for each other is a far deeper “Spiritual Experience” than standing in rows facing the front with our hands raised and eyes closed.

Like with all issues we would encourage you to search the scriptures, talk about these issues as a group and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in the path He wants.

The challenge for simple/organic/house Churches is how to encourage mutual sharing, ‘one another’ fellowship and discipleship (hearing, understanding, obeying and sharing the commands of Jesus) Where does worship through music and singing fit in with this?Where does “Preaching” fit with this? How we do break down the barrier between what happens at the front on the stage and what is happening amongst the congregation?




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