What about Bible Schools and training?

by admin on 27/04/2011


Where did Jesus train His Disciples?

What did He train them to do?

Where did elders of local Churches come from?

How were leaders mentored/discipled in the New Testament?


For many years we have looked to Bible Colleges and seminaries to give us qualified and “theologically sound” pastors and leaders. Unfortunately we now have Churches that lack any missional edge, are powerless to defeat the Kingdom of Darkness and lack any skills to reach lost people for Jesus.

Jesus trained His disciples on the road. He threw them in at the deep end. Jesus did not value the accumulation of knowledge. He taught obedience. The leaders in the scriptures were not delivering polished sermons to rows of attentive listeners. They were out in the harvest fields proclaiming the Kingdom of God, making disciples and starting Churches.

What would it look like if we returned to how Jesus did things and to the way that the Church in the scriptures did things?

For many, they have been trained in a classroom. They have been given theory and information. They then spend their ministry time delivering sermons to people.

What would it look like for people to be trained in making disciples and starting multiplying Churches?

Training and equipping needs to be done in the context of on the ground mission. Classroom based teaching is so removed from the daily battle of making Disciples. Scripturally, local Churches are the breeding ground for leaders, elders and Apostolic workers.

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