Relating to other Churches and Denominations

by admin on 05/04/2011

Looking back over 2,000 years, new movements and new ways of being church have tended to fall out with the historical churches and denominations – each side comparing the best of their ‘way’ with the worst of the other ‘way’. Splits, divisions, disunity and suspicion have dominated and therefore the learning and potential for long term ‘Kingdom momentum’ is lost – both to historical churches and to the emerging simple churches.
The current ‘simple church’ movement gives us an amazing opportunity to stop that tendency by adopting a mindset that Archbishop Rowan calls the ‘mixed economy‘. Lets face it – not everyone wants to gather in small groups – some folks have and always will come to Christ through big historical churches. ‘One size does not fit all’ !
Yes! yes! yes! we need thousands of simple churches but also thousands of other models of church and denominations, if we are to reach a nation. So how do we relate to other churches and denominations? – with much goodwill, grace and as Paul says ‘speaking well of one another’
Steve Jones is setting up a partnership between the Methodists and the Pioneer network in planting simple churches in the SW of England. As you can see he likes to rant and would love to talk more about any of the issues discussed above! You can find out more about Steve here :

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