Is this about Church Planting?

by on 19/04/2011


Across the UK – Churches, groups and Pioneers are embracing the ‘missional’ call of God

Is this about Church Planting? Yes and No!

Many people around the world are returning to the commands and teachings of Jesus. It seems strange doesn’t it that people who call themselves Christians would need to come back to the words of the Lord they are supposed to already know. But for many people Church has become a habit or a set of rituals that you practice once or twice a week. Jesus did not come to start Churches like we know them. He came to make disciples. He gathered a handful of ordinary people who wanted to obey His words and taught them how to obey Him. Then He left this group to birth and multiply until they ‘discipled’ the nations and peoples of the earth.

So on one hand – yes it is about Church planting. It’s about seeing simple groups of people gathering together around the commands of Jesus and the leading of His Spirit in a way which will lead to obedience. But it’s also not about Church planting – or at least it’s not about Church planting as we know it!

Traditionally to start a Church you would need a building or hired venue. You would need a sound system. You would need a Pastor or leadership team. And you’d need a lot of money to keep the process going. From scripture – all of these things are non-essential.

We live in a time where we need to re-examine the scriptures to look at Jesus and His followers did. We find that they did things very differently from us.

This website exists to resource and help Churches and groups who wish to multiply and disciple their regions and nations. And it exists to resource pioneers who wish to see indigenous expressions of Church growing and multiplying amongst the huge percentages of ‘unreached’/’unchurched’ people here in the UK.

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