How do you handle finances in these types of Churches?

by admin on 27/04/2011


Simple/Organic/House Churches typically meet in homes or public places. There is no need to buy or rent a specific building for “Sunday Worship”.

Simple/Organic/House Churches typically meet together around a shared meal in smaller groups. There are very few costs involved in this.

Simple/Organic/House Churches typically practice the priesthood of all believers. Elders or Fathers are rarely “full time” so don’t need a salary.

In traditional Churches where Pastors need salaries, buildings need buying and furnishing and expensive equipment is needed for “worship events” maybe 30/40% of the total income is given to mission.

In simple/organic/house Churches practically everything is given away to the poor and needy and to support Apostolic mission and Church Planting/Disciple Making.

How these types of Churches handle money varies from place to place. Some groups simply put their gifts and offerings in a bowl and distribute it to those that are needy among them. Other groups have charitable status and so are subject to more stringent financial procedures. Other groups are part of larger networks which resource Apostolic teams.

How did the Churches handle finances in the scriptures?

How is the Spirit of God leading your group to use finances as a tool to spread the Kingdom of God locally, nationally and internationally?

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