Farming Vs Recruiting

by on 26/11/2010

At a recent conference Neil Cole shared about how Churches look to recruit “the finished article” leader from seminaries, other Churches and from within their own ranks.

The problem is that this attitude results in churches consuming leaders rather than farming and making leaders from among disciples.

If we understand the way Jesus and the Disciples grew leaders then we will see that growing leaders is built upon the transformation of lost souls. The heroes of tomorrow’s Church woke up this morning in somebody else’s bed with a hang over. We need to find leaders from the harvest.

To grow leaders we need to make disciples of people who do not know Jesus. As the pool of disciples increases then ‘servants who lead’ will emerge.

Organic leadership is about making disciples and seeing lost people transformed from the inside out. As disciples multiply then we will find servants who lead and demonstrate giftings/functions. If we do not make disciples then we find no new leaders.

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