10 Reasons to start a Simple/House Church

by on 12/04/2011

Rad Zdero, in “The Global House Church Movement” (Wm Carey)


1. Biblical

This was the New Testament pattern established by Jesus and the apostles and carried on by the early church for the first three centuries. It emerged again and again in renewals, reforms and revival movements throughout the history of the church

2. Exponential

To reach a growing world, we need to multiply, not just add. Current house church movements worldwide are spreading more rapidly than traditional church planting and church growth efforts

3. Effective

The most effective method of evangelism is not growing existing churches, but planting new ones. House churches are the most easily reproducible form of church, proving to be the most obvious choice for church planting

4. Natural

House churches become part of the local community and easily tap into existing relationship connections, thereby more readily taking on an indigenous flavor

5. People Focused

They focus on relationships and the development of people, not on organizing programs or projects

6. Efficient

They are more mobile, flexible, and adaptable than conventional churches, especially in areas characterized by persecution and/or poverty

7. Equal Opportunity

Because of their small, intimate and participatory nature, all believers have the opportunity to exercise their spiritual gifts during church meetings, not just professional ministers or key leaders

8. Unbounded

They are not limited by church buildings. Whatever use buildings may or may not have, history shows that they are not necessary for rapid church planting movements to start; in fact, buildings may be a hindrance. Although church buildings are not evil by any means, nor are homes in any way “magical”, the practical release of time, energy and money away from building maintenance and into evangelism and discipleship, should cause us to rethink current practices

9. Inexpensive

They are less expensive than traditional church, because no costly buildings, programs or professional ministers are required

10. Immediate

It can start now, right in your living room. Simply come together, listen to Jesus and do what He says. There is no need to wait for a special hall to be rented, or for a building program to be completed or a full-time pastor to be hired to begin a church.


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